Our service is Sunday Morning, 9:30 - 10:45 am. No dress code, come as you are.

Thanks for checking out Grace Community Church in Commerce. Whether you’re new to Christianity, just getting back into church, or looking for a new church family, we hope you feel loved and welcomed at Grace. We know that it can be very difficult to visit a new church, so we hope to be able to give you some information so you know what to expect on a typical Sunday morning.

  • Everything we do here at Grace is with our threefold mission in mind: To move closer to God, build better relationships, and live beyond ourselves. We want to be a church filled with people who are seeking to do those three things wherever we are at in our lives. To grow in our faith, to grow in community, to go out into our spheres of life and beyond to share the gospel. We believe that the church is more than just a recharge station for people to get their “fix” of God for the week.

  • We are a family oriented, multi-generational church. We believe that the family of God and the body of Christ is just that, a family - for people of all sorts of ages, stages of life, experiences etc. We don’t believe that our students or children are part of the “Next Generation” of the church, but are vital to our family now. Our children and students begin the worship service in the auditorium for a time of worship through song, and then head into their respective classrooms for a more age-specifc lesson.

    • Birth - 3rd grade meets each week

    • 4th - 8th grade meets each week but the first Sunday of the month, and most Wednesday Nights

    • 9th - 12th grade meets the 2nd and 4th Sunday’s of the month, and most Sunday Nights

    • We use KidCheck which is a secure check-in system to assure you feel comfortable about the safety of your children. If you would like to pre-register your child, and save some time on a Sunday click here.

  • We are a simple church filled with real people. While we do seek to do things well for God's glory, we are not trying to be the next big thing, or the coolest event in town, but simply trying to love Jesus more every day in every way. We hope that what we lack in flash we make up for with a warm greeting, meaningful relationships, and spiritual depth.

  • We don’t believe we have it all together, in fact we know we don’t. We don’t believe that we are better than anyone else, or that we are perfect people. We know we are broken sinners who have been given new life through Jesus Christ. "Whatever stage of life you are in, no matter what your story is, where you come from, or what questions you may have, we hope you feel welcomed and loved.

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