Our Mission

We are a non-denominational church located in Commerce, MI. Our Mission and Purpose here is to be followers of Christ who:

Move Closer to God

A healthy relationship is a dynamic relationship.  This is true within families and friendships, and it is true regarding our relationship with God.  Our redemption through Jesus Christ provides the means by which we are able to know and love God.  This is the central relationship in our lives, and informs all other relationships!

Build Better Relationships

Understanding who we are in Christ (moving closer to God), enables us to understand who we are in community (building better relationships).  We strive for relationships that are redemptive, and marked by courage and grace, authenticity and humility.

Live Beyond Yourself

At Grace Community Church, we recognize that we live within a community. This extends into our neighborhoods, and well beyond them, into the larger world itself. Living beyond ourselves means having a perspective that desires to expose our larger world to the beauty of knowing God, and to inspire a faith-filled response to the Person and work of Jesus Christ on the part of all people.

Everything we do here at Grace is with those three goals in mind. We think that by being people who are moving closer to God as we continue to trust and learn about Him, building better relationships with one another as we grow in discipleship and community, and live beyond ourselves by seeking to better the community and people around us, we will be serving our purpose.

Here are a few of the things we value the most at Grace Community Church:

  1. Grace - The most marvelous truth in the world is God’s free acceptance of us through faith in Jesus Christ.

  2. Gratitude - Appreciation for God’s love and grace is the best and most powerful motivation for following Christ.

  3. Discipleship - God expects every believer to become a mature and equipped follower of Christ.

  4. Relationships - God changes lives best when truth is experienced in the context of spiritual, loving relationships.

  5. Godliness - Authentic spirituality is reflected in a life of others-centered love flowing out of fellowship with Christ.

  6. Family - Since family is central to God’s plan for the world, we focus on equipping spouses, singles, parents, and children to delight in and to fulfill their God-given responsibilities.

  7. Stewardship - The disciplined stewardship of our lives including our time, our abilities, and our resources is central to following Christ in discipleship.